lynn la

Journalist // San Francisco

Crowning glory: Our hair helps define us – so what happens when we start losing it? (08.28.2011) -- Hair thinning and hair loss affects one in four women in the US, but it's a secret no one talks about. Meet a professor, a beauty queen, and other women who try to answer, "Why is hair so important?"

DNA study has details from 100,000 Kaiser patients (07.06.2011) -- A glob of spit doesn't sound remarkable. But when you have globs from 100,000 people, combined with medical records and DNA-processing robots, you have the makings of an unprecedented opportunity to study human health. 

Volunteers comfort the dying at Kaiser hospital in south Sacramento (07.03.2011) -- Rev. Arthur Lillicropp has seen his fair share of death. And if he wants to continue his "No One Dies Alone" program at his hospital, he'll have to ready himself for many more.